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How to Save on Chicago Downtown Hotels

Chicago downtown hotels can be expensive especially when it is high season. The internet, however, has provided people with a lot of information on how they can be able to save on hotels. There are search engines available and even apps that can help you get better rates but sometimes you may never really be sure that that is the best rate available.

Sometimes you could get a low rate only to find that there are other expenses out there really adding up and even making the stay more expensive than you expected. It is therefore important that you take matters into your own hands.

Make sure that you save as much as possible during your stay in cheap Chicago hotels. Here are ways that you can save.

Top 6 Tips to Saving on Hotels in Downtown Chicago

1. Be On The Lookout For Inclusive Deals
Inclusive deals are a great way to save on your hotel stay in downtown Chicago. Look for deals such as free breakfast, free parking and free Wi-Fi amongst other deals. These deals will keep your overall expenses to the minimum especially when you are staying for long.

Also, they are really good when you have traveled as a family. You can imagine saving on breakfast costs for the entire family every day for the next several days.

2. Buy Someone Else’s Reservation
It is now possible to buy a reservation to a hotel from someone else online thanks to websites that allow that. People who have a reservation to a hotel but are unable to cancel it for whatever reason are usually ready to sell those reservations at a really good discount.

You will find some with even over 60% discount. This is a great way to quickly get a huge discount for a cheap hotel in downtown Chicago.

3. Bundle It
Do you need more than one service? You can bundle the services that you need into one neat package that can save you money. For instance, through websites such as it is now possible to bundle your airfare, hotel in downtown Chicago, and car rental into one package. This package is usually given at very affordable prices and it is highly convenient.

4. Ask For A Price Match
There are cheap Chicago hotels that give their customers a price match. For a price match, you find the cheapest hotel in the region of equal caliber with the one you want to stay at and then send them a link to that cheap price they are offering and they can meet that price for you. This is a great way to get the best deal in downtown Chicago that many people are not using.

5. Use The Same Hotel For Your Next Stay
Many cheap Chicago hotels offer discounts to their customers. If they will not reduce the price for you, they might end up giving you a better room which still means better value for you.

6. Use Apps
Finally, you can also use apps that are available out there that help people get good prices. A good example of this app is the hoteltonight app that collates all the unbooked rooms in the area and lists them at a discount.

With these tips, you can be able to get cheap Chicago hotels and save as much as possible on your stay.