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FREE PARKING!                  FREE PARKING!                  FREE PARKING!

The Ohio House Motel announces availability for coming conventions in Chicago

Chicago, Illinois (October 8, 2018) — It is convention season! Conventions are an excellent way to learn, network, stay up to date on advancements in the field, find new products and services, and so much more. Having started on September 29th, there are a number of conferences running all through October and up until December 29th. There is estimated to be around 308,000 people attending conventions in the Chicago area during this small window of time. All of those people need somewhere to stay, which is where Ohio House Motel comes into the picture.

CCDA 2018 30th Anniversary CHICAGO National Conference, American College of Rheumatology – 2018 ACR/ARHP Annual Scientific Meeting, and PACK EXPO and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2018, are just a few of the major conferences being held this month. Ohio House Motel is located in the heart of downtown Chicago, which makes it conveniently located near a number of the venues where these conventions are being held. One venue, Hyatt Regency Chicago, is located a mere four minutes from the motel. Not only is Ohio House close, but parking is also free (when a stay is booked on the Ohio House website) so everyone that drives to Chicago or gets a rental car while staying will not have to stress about where to park.

Ohio House Motel has been running strong for over five decades, becoming a River North Chicago classic. What makes this establishment so great is that it is a cheap boutique hotel. Unlike chains, Ohio House has unique modern rooms in a vintage building. Photos are available on their Facebook page. Even better than its decor is that it is an incredibly affordable boutique hotel. They offer guests the best rates as well as free wifi, parking, and breakfast. That means guests at the convention get affordability, style, and convenience all rolled into one hotel. There really is no deal as sweet as booking a stay at the Ohio House Motel.

Ohio House Motel

600 N LaSalle Dr

Chicago, IL 60654



Ohio House Motel
600 N LaSalle Dr, Chicago, IL 60654
(312) 943-6000

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